Shaun Hill has been trained by the following industry recognised professional organisations.

Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification Academy

The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) has served as the Industry Guardian for the cleaning, inspection and restoration service industries for more than 30 years.

As a non-profit certification organization, the IICRC helps ensure that you have access to trusted and trained cleaning professionals by establishing and monitoring certification programs and standards for these industries.


The National Academy of Crime Scene Cleaners

The National Academy of Crime Scene Cleaners trains cleaning operatives to safely clean crime scenes and similar places contaminated with body fluids, infestation and other bio-hazards.

The National Academy is part of the Ultima Cleaning group of companies which has many years of experience of providing specialist cleaning services to the police, local authorities and others requiring cleaning of contaminated areas. Our course graduates become part of our network of qualified crime scene cleaning operatives; enabling us to offer a two hour response time anywhere in the country.


The National Flood School

The National Flood School disseminates and shares knowledge in the continual pursuit of excellence in the field of property restoration as a result of fire and flood damage. With over 20 years experience, we are considered to be quintessential experts in this distinctive industry and support and train restorers such as Shaun Hill.


Member of Professional Bodies

British Institute of Cleaning Science

A-TAC Cleaning is a Corporate Member of the British Institute of Cleaning Science, which has its headquarters in Northampton, is the largest independent professional and educational body within the cleaning industry. Founded in 1961, its mission is 'the raising of status and standards of the cleaning industry, through education'.

BICSc, as it is known, is an independent body with members in all areas of the cleaning industry, including Local Authorities, Contract Cleaners, Manufacturers, Suppliers, Trainers and by no means least, cleaning operatives themselves. Our membership currently stands at almost 5,000 Individual and Corporate Members and our reach is global.

There is a nationwide Regions and Nations structure and members, working through their own committees, hold regular meetings on topics of mutual interest. Regional Officers come together annually to debate region and membership issues.

The Institute's Membership Services, Training & Education and Finance & General Purposes Committees set the standards and develop the skills programmes necessary for the Institute's range of cleaning qualifications.

British Toilet Association

A-TAC Cleaning is a member of the British Toilet Association

Why do we need more and better toilets?

There are an increasing number of specialist user groups, whose lives are affected by the state of Britain’s public toilets. These include people with mental or physical disabilities and their carers; the infirm or elderly; people with babies or young children and people of all ages who are coping with a range of medical conditions.

  • Britain’s population has an increasingly significant ‘ageing’ profile
  • Residents travel more within the country, and the number of visitors to Britain increases each year, placing added pressure on our existing toilet facilities
  • Public health and hygiene, as well as environmental issues, are constantly in the news, with increasing media interest in all matters relating to public toilets
  • Public toilets are the '‘shop window' for any area or establishment - where first and lasting impressions of levels of customer care are made

What are the British Toilet Association's Objectives?

The objectives of the British Toilet Association listed below will be achieved through it's campaign activities which will be determined largely by the amount of income generated through membership subscriptions. The more Members willing to help fund the public toilet campaign, particularly Local Authority and Commercial company members, the greater the opportunities for the Association to influence standards and respond to members’ needs.

  • To focus attention on issues relating to the provision of public or ‘away from home’ toilets
  • To campaign for appropriate legislation relating to the provision of public toilets by Local Authorities
  • To campaign for high standards of public or ‘away from home’ toilets in all areas, including municipal locations, health, education, transport, leisure, hospitality and retail establishments
  • To campaign for the provision of an adequate number of facilities for women, in relation to the number of facilities provided for men.
  • To campaign for adequate facilities for specialist user groups, such as wheelchair users, the elderly, babies and young children and people with medical conditions.
  • To campaign for the provision of secure, fully attended public toilet facilities, with extended opening hours.
  • To campaign for the eradication of all types of social misuse and vandalism in public toilets.
  • To provide a forum for public toilet providers, contractors, suppliers and users to share concerns and ideas and communicate best practices. To provide consultancy and information services to Association members on a range of relevant subjects. To establish links with similar Toilet Associations in other countries